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image 300x225 Calm Minds Therapy CentreCalm Minds is a therapy centre run by principal therapist Dr. Jonathan Lloyd. Jonathan works with a team of trusted associates to provide counselling, psychotherapy, training, workshops, and hypnotherapy services to the people of Stockport, South Manchester, Cheshire and throughout the North West. We also offer video and telephone therapy for those who live further away or cannot get to our offices.

Calm Mind’s approach is to integrate therapeutic techniques to meet the needs of each individual client on an ongoing basis. These are drawn from different models of counselling, psychotherapy, and hypnotherapy. We cherish the therapeutic relationship as a catalyst for change. During the initial consultation, we will discuss in confidence with you your reasons for seeking therapy and agree the best way forward. We have a number of highly qualified therapists with different skills and experience who can support you with a wide range of needs. You are of course free to decide not to proceed with therapy at any time. We are informed by established models of therapy and more recent approaches (like Human Givens for example) which highlight the importance of amalgamating traditional talking therapies with guided imagery and other calming techniques which can access different parts of the brain and ‘refile’ memories etc..

There are no typical issues as everyone is different and has experienced life in an individual way. However, issues including anxiety, stress, relationships, work, eating, smoking, sex, phobias, emotions, trauma, self-worth, depression or all kinds of emotional pain can be addressed and above all simply not liking your self (see also areas in the right-hand bar).

We can also help if life just seems to be getting on top of you and you feel you need counselling or hypnotherapy to get through.

Counselling in Stockport

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We offer counselling for: stress, childhood related issues, abuse, anger, depression, relationships, attachment, phobias, caring, anxiety, habits, sexual addictions, ASD and couples counselling. All kinds of human issues where we would like life (or our relationship to life) to be different.

In this modern society many more people are feeling the strains of these things almost on a daily basis, whether it’s stress and anxiety from your job or depression when reflecting on your life or the way things are going, here at Calm Minds our counselling in Stockport has helped clients alleviate these modern-day pressures that are ultimately harming us and could lead to more extreme problems in the future if they aren’t dealt with.

During our therapy sessions, we encourage you to talk about your issues with us which in and of itself can be extremely beneficial, although sometimes it is best not to dwell on negative and painful memories (as alluded earlier there are more appropriate ways of dealing with such matters in a ‘content free’ way). During our counselling in Stockport we take time to look at your whole life, what drives you, where you spend your time and energy and where your self-care is. There is also a range of techniques we can offer during our counselling that can help you in these situations such as meditation, mindfulness, metaphor, and self-hypnosis.

Hypnotherapy in Stockport

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Here at Calm Minds we use Hypnotherapy to help alleviate problems in our life that we simply cannot tackle by other conventional means as it speaks to the powerful subconscious. Hypnotherapy and metaphor therapy is about making changes at a deep unconscious level.

Many people in the Stockport and Cheshire area are struggling to quit habits or face their fears. We believe we can help you here at Calm Minds through our Hypnotherapy process, perhaps incorporating talking things through beforehand.

For example, using Smoking Hypnotherapy we have helped many people kick the habit. Through using this type of therapy people have found it much easier to switch off the craving and not feel the need to replace it with another (such as eating). The process is simple. You enter a very relaxed state and the therapist works with your subconscious mind in a creative way so that the craving for tobacco is switched off and reinforces that tobacco is doing harm to your body.

As well as helping with quitting smoking our hypnotherapy in Stockport can help with all kinds of habits, anxieties, relationships and many more issues. It is a creative way of viewing life through the lens of imagination and metaphor. If you change the metaphor you can change the person.


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Supervision has a strong focus here at Calm Minds. Jonathan is an approved supervisor for the National Counselling Society and the National Hypnotherapy Society. We not only provide clinical supervision for counsellors and hypnotherapists (and those that do both) but also for a number of other professionals, including trainers, teachers, and head teachers. Jonathan runs a training course for supervisors with his friend and colleague Yvonne Hale – see – We are always interested to hear from other professionals who are interested in supervision or becoming a supervisor themselves.

About Dr. Jonathan Lloyd

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Jonathan is a senior accredited therapeutic counsellor (NCS), supervisor and senior qualified hypnotherapist, he also lectured on these subjects at Stockport College and for The Northern College of Creative Hypnotherapy. He offers companies, schools, and charities well-being training and compassionate/assertive leadership workshops. He has an advanced diploma in Hypnotherapy and a Doctorate in counselling. He is a member of the executive committee of the International Attachment Network. He also runs a training organisation with his friend and colleague Dr. George MacDonald, see .

To experience a moment of mindfulness with Jonathan, click below. You can download the mp3 file by right-clicking on the label and selecting “Save target as …”. You will need to stop the main video first to experience the full effect:

A Moment of Mindfulness

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